We should add yoga in our daily routine for our physical and mental health, if we practice yoga daily we will feel it from our head to toe. Yoga improves not only for our physical health but also it keeps our mind calm and stress less and develops inner awareness.

No doubt there are countless health benefits of practicing yoga and you can feel it when you will take a dip in the path of yoga. While doing yoga and meditation I personally feel these benefits of doing yoga.

Yoga improves flexibility & Strength

Yoga improves our flexibility; there are several yoga poses and style for different types of kind of people from high intensity to mildest. You can choose those styles according to your strength to be more flexible and fit.

When I started my yoga practice in a Yoga school in Rishikesh, I was not able to touch my toe but after some weeks regular yoga classes it happens. After a few weeks yoga classes, I was not only able to touch my toe but also doing so many forward and back-bending poses. I was more flexible and my regular yoga practice improved my physical strength.

Yoga helps with stress relief & improves mental health

Practicing yoga asana and meditation keeps us mentally strong and improves our mental health and keeps stress away from us. Yoga is not only asana and meditation it includes breathing exercise and mantras chanting. There are many Sanskrit powerful mantras involves in yoga which helps to relief and stress and make our mind focused and strong.

Reduce anxiety & Depression

Yes regular practice of yoga asana, pranayama and meditation may help you to reduce anxiety and depression. Modern lifestyle, office stress and daily work pressure increased stress, depression and anxiety but research says that yoga can play an effective roll of a free medicine in your life.

Yoga boost immunity

Yoga improves the flexibility, blood circulation and also helps to improve your sleep. It also improves the immune system of your body to prevent with the virus, flu and many diseases.




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